We are the Herbst & Muller herd (Unfortunately not the heirs to the H&M fortunes). We aren’t your average coffee snobs. We are crazy about the insane flavours of coffee, and the odd 5 minutes in fancy coffee shops, who isn’t? We are better acquainted with that magical feeling that the first sip of insanely good coffee gives you; that sip before you rush off to a day next to the sports field, in between never ending homework sessions, or at sunrise road tripping with the fam.


Crazy Goat Coffee / Wanderer



Rich, Smooth, Coffee
Berry, Citrus, Chocolate


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We travel, camp, explore new places and we have adventures.

On every trip, insanely good coffee is a must. We test and use our equipment, and we appreciate the blessing of choosing to have old-fashioned family fun.

This blend is created for The Wanderer in each of us.

The Wanderer is a rich, well-balanced and very smooth coffee, beautifully drinkable as is, yet cuts through milk perfectly. The hints of berry, citrus, and chocolate in the tasting, with earthy coffee notes in the finish, complements every adventure.

100% Arabica Beans

Brazil. Ethiopia. Guatemala. Honduras.

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Whole Beans, Plunger, Espresso, Home Espresso, Filter, Moka Pot, Aeropress


250g, 500g, 1kg


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