We are the Herbst & Muller herd (Unfortunately not the heirs to the H&M fortunes). We aren’t your average coffee snobs. We are crazy about the insane flavours of coffee, and the odd 5 minutes in fancy coffee shops, who isn’t? We are better acquainted with that magical feeling that the first sip of insanely good coffee gives you; that sip before you rush off to a day next to the sports field, in between never ending homework sessions, or at sunrise road tripping with the fam.


Crazy Goat Coffee / Variety Box Subscription

Variety Box Subscription

From: R189.00 / month

Love our crazy brand, does our coffee taste as good as it looks! We can assure you it does. Buy the sample pack to try each blend and decide on your personal favorite.


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Insanely good coffee makes sharing our lives with our friends, family and even strangers extraordinary! Spoil yourself or a friend with this sample pack.

Whats in the box: Lady Anastasia, Dame Almathea and our H&M blend as well as a little something extra. There are two sizes to choose from, 3 x 100g or 3 x 300g of coffee in the grind you choose. Its packaged in a beautiful glass bottle ideal for coffee storage and comes in our Crazy Goat Box. You can ask to have this gift wrapped at no extra cost.

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Deliver Every 30 Days


Whole Beans, Plunger, Espresso, Home Espresso, Filter, Moka Pot, Aeropress


3 x 100g, 3 x 150g


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