We are the Herbst & Muller herd (Unfortunately not the heirs to the H&M fortunes). We aren’t your average coffee snobs. We are crazy about the insane flavours of coffee, and the odd 5 minutes in fancy coffee shops, who isn’t? We are better acquainted with that magical feeling that the first sip of insanely good coffee gives you; that sip before you rush off to a day next to the sports field, in between never ending homework sessions, or at sunrise road tripping with the fam.

Insanely Good Coffee

Our journey into coffee


Our journey into coffee

With the launch of www.crazygoatcoffee.co.za, we often get the question: why did you get into coffee?

Our journey with coffee started with winter holidays on the farm and an enamel kettle on the Aga stove. The smell of moer koffie en boere beskuit, combined with gun oil as the men got ready for the hunt, would permeate the whole house long before the cock crowed. This created indelible memories of childhood.

“A Gibraltar and a Flat white, please!”

Fast-forward 15 years to when Mich and I, then still dating, left for London and the dream of a pocket full of pounds. From the moment the plane landed things went wrong. The friend that had set us up with accommodation phoned to apologise profusely that things went very wrong in his share house, and that even he was without a roof over his head that night.

It was late November, it was bitterly cold, and it was raining heavily. Here was two South Africans with nowhere to go, grasping back to a time when all was right with the world: winters on the farm. All we wanted was coffee and a few minutes to come up with a plan. We walked into a franchise coffee shop and waited in line. “Two coffees please,” I ordered when we reached the front.

“Wha’? Americano, cappuccino, latte? Wha’ kinda coffee you want, gov?” came the response.

“Just normal coffee,” says I, a bit perturbed.

“Sorry mate, we don’t have those. NEXT!”

On that day, coffee-less and homeless, we swore that never again will we not know coffee. We aren’t coffee-nerds now, but we know the basics, we love good coffee, and we learn every day. And yes, things turned out just fine in London. All’s well that ends well!